Quadcopter Reviews & The Best Drones For Sale of 2016

 Updated: September 16, 2016

The best drones to buy for September 2016 are…

This September, there are a lot of awesome drones for sale. With so many options out there on the market it can sometimes be tough to make a decision. Leave it to us to give you a lay of the land and help you find the drone or quadcopter that is right for you. The article below will describe the best options to help find a drone that fits your budget and meets your needs.


Rank Drone Camera Quality Flight Time Skill Level Estimated Price
#1 DJI Phantom 4 4K 28 min Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced $1,100
#2 DJI Phantom 3 Professional  4K 24 min Intermediate $812
Yuneec Q500 Typhoon
1080P 25 min Intermediate $599
3DR Solo
GoPro (Not Included) 25 min Intermediate $599
DJI Inspire
4K 20 min Advanced $1,999
#6 DJI Phantom vision 14 MP/1080p 20 min Intermediate $399
#7 Parrot Bepop 14 MP/ 1080P 20 min Beginner $252
#8 Parrot AR 2.0 720p/30fps 10-12 min Intermediate $249
 #9 UDI 818 640×480 pixels 7-9 min Beginner $41
#10Hubasan x4 l None 8-10 min Beginner $38
#11 Hubasan x4 L .3MP 7 min Beginner 40
 #12 Hubasan x4

.3MP 7-8 min Beginner $99
#13 Estes proto x None 5 min Beginner $29
 #14 Parrot jumping sumo 640×480 pixels 20 min Beginner $99
#15 Parrot rolling spider Vertical Mini 10-15 min Beginner $95
 #16 Heli-Max 1SQ None 8-9 min Beginner $101
#17 Sky Viper Stunt GoPro Mount 4-5 min Beginner $65

Best drone for your dollar: DJI Phantom 3


   Flight Time 25 min
   Camera 2.7K Video / 12 MP Camera
   Communication Distance 1000m
   Max Flight Speed 15 m/s
   Skill Level Beginner
   Battery Type 4S 4480mAh Li-Po
   Price $999 


The third descendent of the Phantom line, the DJI Phantom 3 showcases the culmination of DJI’s hard work over the past decade. DJI has learned a lot in the past few generations of Phantom, and it all comes together here with the Phantom 3. For the quality and the money, there isn’t a better choice for your dollar than the Phantom 3 Standard. The camera, the flight time, the bug-free user experience… everything in this drone’s suite of features will please 99.9% of users.

This is a great beginner quadcopter. With incredibly smooth controls and a very simple setup, you can focus on the important things like flying and framing your shots. Whether you want to steadily hover in place for a still shot/video or effortlessly frame your desired video, the Phantom 3 is the quadcopter for you.


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